Культурология и искусствоведение-36

36th issue of the journal "Bulletin of TSU. Cultural studies and art criticism"


David Nicholas The new wave of university researchers and libraries

wary of digital notoriety

Writing for LSE Impact David Nicholas assesses the extent to which the new wave of researchers are driving changes in scholarly practices. Finding that innovative practices are often constrained by institutional structures and precarious employment, he suggests that the pace of change in these areas is always going to be slower than might be expected.

How will the emerging generation of scholars transform scholarly communication? LSE Impact Blog, 2019-06-05

ISSN 2024

CIBER is again working with the ISSN International Centre in Paris on a new five-year strategy for ISSN with enhancements to the ISSN metadata record and new services such as identifier assignment. Workshops have been held in Paris and London with input from industry and other experts. Using its global contacts in industry and academia CIBER have delivered a substantial review of the shifting ground of scholarly journal publishing .

a pure and unashamed ‘pirate’

How do early career researchers use Sci-Hub and why? David Nicholas assesses early career researcher attitudes towards the journal pirating site… The Unstoppable Rise of Sci-Hub: How does a new generation of researchers perceive Sci-Hub?

Les jeunes chercheurs à la loupe

« Les jeunes chercheurs savent faire face à un système qui les met sous pression »

ENTRETIEN - Chérifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri, professeure en sciences de l’information et de la communication, revient sur les enseignements inédits tirés d’une enquête sur les jeunes chercheurs : vont-il bousculer le monde ancien ou rentrer dans le rang ?

Digital Libraries in Asia

The British Council's digital library was established two years ago and now has over 50,000 subscribers in India. CIBER consultant John Akeroyd is leading a six-month study of opportunities to increase use in other parts of Asia and Africa.

Harbingers year three

The Final Report of the three-year Harbingers project is now available.

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