CIBER research is a policy-led, consumer-driven, interdisciplinary and independent research group. It seeks to inform by countering idle speculation, PowerPoint puff and uninformed opinion with the evidence and facts. CIBER research makes a difference.

CIBER are research artisans, skilled in all necessary crafts—analysis, evaluation, presentation, communication and engagement. CIBER produces bespoke research.

CIBER's particular expertise lies in making sense of how very large numbers of people behave and consume in the digital environment. To this end we map, monitor and evaluate digital information systems, platforms, services and roll-outs using robust, advanced and innovative research methods, in particular deep log analysis, bibliometrics and digital surveying. We believe we are on a different page from our competitors as we understand the digital transition, disintermediation and the policy, economic and social implications.

CIBER research tells how the world we knew is being shattered and reassembled by the digital transition. Through our research we will reveal the new directions opening for your business. In the knowledge vacuum most industries, institutions and companies do not even know which questions to address. Or ask and keep asking the same wrong questions and getting nowhere. In the knowledge vacuum there is a huge risk of industries and sectors decoupling from their audience and market.

CIBER engages in funded studies, contract research, scholarship and consultancy in its areas of expertise. Over the past seven years we have obtained contracts worth in excess of £3 million. We have worked in a range of strategic sectors being digitally challenged, including the Media, Health, Publishing, Education, Science, Government and Charities. Our blue-chip clients include: the BBC, The British Library, Department of Health, Elsevier, the European Union, The Guardian, The Independent, JISC, News International, Nokia, Oxford University Press, The Publishers Association, Research Information Network, Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property, Taylor & Francis, UK Serials Group, and the Wellcome Trust

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